Date 01/05/1988
Season 1988
Competition Friendly
Match format Timed game
Opposition Buckhurst
Venue Poverest Orpington
Toss Lost
Decision Crusaders bowl first
Result Won

Buckhurst innings

No Batsman   Runs
1 Hammond b Darren Moyse 10
2 Escudier. I b Darren Moyse 5
3 Morris b Darren Moyse 8
4 Outar b Darren Moyse 3
5 Bridges c Mark Paine b Nick Manchip 2
6 Young c Nick Manchip b Nick Manchip 2
7 Purday c Steve Lewis b Darren Moyse 3
8 Smith c Spud Whale b Alex Cooper 6
9 Knights c Mark Paine b Mark Paine 19
10 Escudier. I not out 5
11 Dancy b Mark Paine 0
  Extras b 1, lb 1, w 4, nb 0 6
  Total 10 wickets, 42.4 overs 69

Did not bat:

No Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Wides No balls
1 Darren Moyse 19.0 11 15 5 1 0
2 Spud Whale 12.0 2 16 0 0 0
3 Mark Paine 3.4 0 9 2 0 0
4 Nick Manchip 6.0 1 12 2 2 0
5 Alex Cooper 2.0 0 15 1 1 0

Crusaders innings

No Batsman   Runs
1 Gary Chapman b Knights 6
2 Simon Grater b Knights 3
3 Steve Lewis c b Dancy 33
4 Neil Morrison b Smith 0
5 Gordon Schultz c b Knights 1
6 Darren Moyse not out 22
7 Nick Manchip b Dancy 1
8 Mark Paine lbw b Dancy 0
9 Alex Cooper c b Dancy 0
10 Brian Tennant not out 0
  Extras b 3, lb 0, w 1, nb 0 4
  Total 8 wickets, 30.4 overs 70

Did not bat:

No Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Wides No balls
1 Knights 11.0 7 12 3 0 0
2 Smith 6.0 2 18 1 0 0
3 Hammond 4.0 0 24 0 0 0
4 Dancy 6.4 2 10 4 1 0
5 Bridges 3.0 1 3 0 0 0

Match Report

Sunday 1 May -v- Buckhurst at Poverest
Fresh from last week’s convincing victory at Brasted, there was an air of optimistic confidence in the lunchtime assembly that greeted the skipper on his arrival at the Cricketers. Conversation seemed to suggest that we were going to 'stuff the bastards' and ‘ping some glasses' and still be back at the pub in time for opening. It all seemed to indicate a thoroughly captivating and satisfying afternoon’s cricket.

Overnight rain had left the wicket damp and caused the outfield grass to grow six inches making run scoring appear difficult. This in mind, the skip on winning the toss wisely chose to field; a decision that was met by some approving hand signals from the rest of the team that indicated that he had made the right choice. Darren and Spud opened the bowling with accurate spells that reduced Buckhurst to 29-4 in the first 24 overs. New boy Alex gained immediate popularity by putting down two chances off the skip’s fiery spell with the new ball and Steve Lewis leaping with all the grace of a Sumo wrestler at first slip got close to a third chance - he was even closer to creating major structural damage to nearby housing on his descent back to earth. Realising his luck was out and that there was mutiny in the air, the skip turned to the emerging bowling talent of Nick Manchip. After his opening two deliveries Nick must have realised that any passing resemblance he shared with Ian Botham was purely coincidental and that running thirty yards to bowl consecutive wides was a waste of time anyway. His deceleration of pace immediately reaped its reward with the removal of two quick wickets to leave the oppo reeling on 36-6. Darren picked up his fifth wicket in a controlled spell through a good catch by Steve Lewis; fortunately he didn’t have to dive for it. The introduction of Mark Paine to the attack caused the batsmen to lick their lips in anticipation of a run feast, but with the unorthodox help of Alex Cooper and some highly intelligent field placing by the skip, the oppo were eventually dismissed for a paltry 69. A tense four overs were endured before tea was taken, in which time Gary Chapman was bowled for a quick fire six and Simon and Steve teased the oppo with some airy shots.

An excellent tea was eaten and then we returned to polish off the remainder of the total. Unfortunately Neil and Simon ignored the prepared script and decided to leave two of the only deliveries to be on target. Gordon despite looking good forgot that he was supposed to be scoring runs as well and added only one to the total before his dismissal left us teetering on 25-4. Sanity was restored with a solid partnership between Steve and Darren to put us back into a match winning situation. Steve who had picked the slippery fingered fielders throughout his innings was eventually caught by the man with the big gloves. His dismissal started a second mini collapse with Nick, Mark and Alex contributing only one to the score between them. A cool head was neded, so Brian was sent in to calm a hysterical Darren at the wicket and take us through to victory; Darren finishing with a chanceless 22. Muted celebrations followed at the Cricketers (slightly later than earlier planned, as we contemplated our visit to Eagle Star next week. Eventually we moved on to the Bull’s Head.

Pen Pictures
G. Chapman- Managed to hit third top score in three balls and was generally abused by the rest of the team
S. Grater - Played himself in with some lofty shots before leaving a straight one - rumoured to have bought a round both at lunchtime and the evening.
S. Lewis - Top scored with 33 and was responsible for Barratt’s securing a major rebuilding project
N. Morrison - Hung around for some ten minutes before following Simon’s example - supplied some wicked warming liquor that went down well amongst the spectators
G. Schultz- Scored an elegant single - obviously spotted a scout from Billy Smarts in the crowd and gave several impromptu displays of his juggling skills
D. Moyse - Earned the man of the match tag with a fine all round performance - pretty boring really
N. Manchip - Continued where he left off last year - took two useful wickets
M. Paine - Eventually found line and length to take two wickets – showed the whole team the bruise on his thigh obtained on his controversial dismissal - Even contemplated showing the lady in the council hut, that’s how upset he was - generally whinged for the rest of the evening and rubbed a spot that got higher as the evening progressed - still at the end of the day we all agreed that it was an excellent piece of umpiring from Big Kev
A. Cooper - Bought himself a wicket then sold his own. Didn’t drink at lunchtime - must cast doubts over his future with the club
B. Tenant - Steadied the innings when it was most needed and worried the oppo with a fine unbeaten 0
S. Whale - Held himself back allowing the team much needed batting practise – led his side to a 2 and 0 start - his mere presence seems to be enough!