Date 13/06/2009
Season 2009
Competition Friendly
Match format 40 overs
Opposition Fulbeck
Venue Fulbeck Lincs
Toss Lost
Decision Crusaders bat first
Result Won

Crusaders innings

No Batsman   Runs
1 Wajih Rehman b Pollard 0
2 Gordon Schultz b Pollard. L 28
3 Nita Singh b Bowlar 16
4 Pommie Singh lbw b Pollard. L 30
5 Damon White lbw b Robinson 7
6 Jabir Sarwar b Scouse Brian 14
7 John Greggains c b Pinfold. D 15
8 Chand Channa lbw b Scouse Brian 5
9 Spud Whale not out 3
10 Shalu Uppal Singh b McCardle 0
11 Matt Rehman c Bowlar b Scouse Brian 0
  Extras b 4, lb 3, w 18, nb 0 25
  Total 10 wickets, 37.2 overs 143

Did not bat:

No Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Wides No balls
1 Pollard 5.0 0 20 1 6 0
2 Swales. A 3.0 0 16 0 2 0
3 Bowlar 3.0 0 11 1 4 0
4 Parlett. M 3.0 0 23 0 3 0
5 Pollard. L 8.0 1 20 2 0 0
6 Robinson 4.0 1 13 1 1 0
7 Scouse Brian 4.0 1 17 2 0 0
8 Pinfold. D 4.2 1 9 2 2 0
9 McCardle 3.0 1 7 1 0 0

Fulbeck innings

No Batsman   Runs
1 McCardle lbw b Pommie Singh 8
2 Scouse Brian c Spud Whale b Pommie Singh 2
3 Pollard. J b Jabir Sarwar 5
4 Robinson c Wajih Rehman b Wajih Rehman 22
5 Skipworth b Spud Whale 18
6 Parlett c Spud Whale b Spud Whale 0
7 Pollard. L c Damon White b Wajih Rehman 6
8 Pinfold. M b Spud Whale 3
9 Swales not out 3
10 Pinfold. D c Chand Channa b Wajih Rehman 7
11 Bowlar c Chand Channa b Damon White 2
  Extras b 3, lb 1, w 8, nb 0 12
  Total 10 wickets, 30.5 overs 88

Did not bat:

No Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Wides No balls
1 Pommie Singh 5.0 0 11 2 2 0
2 Jabir Sarwar 6.0 1 12 1 1 0
3 Chand Channa 6.0 0 22 0 2 0
4 Spud Whale 8.0 1 18 3 0 0
5 Wajih Rehman 5.0 0 19 3 2 0
6 Damon White 0.5 0 2 1 1 0

Match Report

Saturday 13 June v- Fulbeck at Fulbeck

Crusaders embarked on their third weekend tour to Lincolnshire, lacking a little in numbers, but graced with some female company, with newly weds Wajih and Pommie preferring the night time company of their wives rather than 'Rustling Gord' or 'Legover White'. Amazingly there were no great navigational issues and we had all arrived by about eleven. Fulbeck had got a barrel of Tom Woods Lancaster Bomber in and all was well with the world, while Johnny G and Nita had enjoyed a candle-lit Thai dinner. We finished our evening in the Hare and Hounds with Indian sweets providing some sustenance for Damon and Spud, who had at that point survived on Pork Scratchings and Revels.

Wajih had obviously negotiated breakfast in bed, whilst the rest of the tour party made the short walk from room to pub. Saturday morning was spent perusing the Car Boot sale, before Spud led a small expedition to the Houblon Arms at Oasby. Glorious sunshine and Fine ale was the perfect recipe for an afternoon's entertainment against Fulbeck. Fulbeck produced their usual mix of young and recreational cricketers, while several Crusaders were nursing their heads having discovered the Tom Wood's weighed in at 4.8 per cent.

Fulbeck offered us first knock and Wajih extended his dismal form with the bat, falling in the first over for a duck, much to the dismay of Bahar. He then spent a painful ten minutes explaining to Bahar why the disruption of his stumps meant he would be spending more time with her, before strolling arm in arm off into the sunshine. Gord, Nita and Pommie formed the back-bone of our innings as we recovered from the early set back to be in a strong position at drinks. Unfortunately we fell away in the second twenty overs and failed to use our full quota.

Damon was looking to extend his fine form with the bat, but all good things have to come to an end, as he managed to score a run. Shalu Uppal made her debut for the club and will hopefully coach her new husband to play with as straight a bat. Fulbeck graciously allowed Wajih to bat again and Wajih made life easy for the statisticians by succumbing equally lamely second time around. At the close of our innings we had scored 143 all out.

Pommie and Jabs made light work of the top order, with Pommie working up a decent pace, inducing an edge that was superbly caught by Spud at slip. Fulbeck fought valiantly, but with all Crusaders bowlers producing the goods the result was rarely in doubt. Spud and Wajih took three wickets each and the match was tied up by 'leading' bowler White.

After a few post match beers we headed for Grantham to The Ghorkas Indian Restaurant for a tour dinner. Uncle had words with the waiter and the food and service was excellent. Alas the late decision to eat out caused us to return too late for our Whisky tasting evening in The George at Leadenham and also too late for beers in the hotel.